New Hampshire Health Officers Association Fall Workshop on Hoarding


At the New Hampshire Health Officers Association fall workshop on November 7, 2018, hoarding was a major theme at the workshop.


Lora Gerard from the Dartmouth Centers for Health and Aging presented “Too Many Treasures: An Overview of Hoarding Disorder” that discussed:

  • What is and is not hoarding
  • Hoarding’s impact and prevalence in the population
  • Clutter image rating
  • Types of hoarding
  • Barriers to change
  • What works and does not work to help hoarders
  • The need for a team
  • Getting insight
  • Potential positive motivators
  • Case studies


Karen Sutkus from the Manchester Department of Health presented “Hoarding: Sanitary Concerns, Harm Reduction and Municipal Intervention Strategies”, which looked at:

  • The difference between hoarding and collecting
  • What constitutes unsafe or unsanitary living conditions
  • Types of hoarding:  Food, animal, knowledge, obscure item, and shopping
  • Health risks associated with hoarding
  • How to make a connection with the hoarder
  • HOMES (multi-disciplinary hoarding risk assessment)
  • How to address complaints
  • Hoarding task forces coming together at the local level


These highly informative presentations can be found at:



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